Please review before booking with Awhographics

Awhographics strives for excellence and professionalism in providing customer service, both inside and outside the organization, within the limits of available, well-managed resources. To accomplish this mission, we agree upon these values: 

  • Respecting the individual and encouraging participation in the design process

  • Listening carefully and considering the requests and concerns of our customers

  • Providing follow-through for our customers promptly, responsibly, and efficiently 

  • Serving with pride, commitment, and high ethical standards 

Policy statement 

We are committed to providing exceptional client service and setting clear standards. We work within a set of principles that benefit our clients, partners, and staff: work collaboratively; embrace challenges; innovate every day; create cutting-edge solutions, be a partner of choice; and work smarter. We aim to provide high-quality service and reliable options for requested third-party vendors. We will comply with all legislation, standards, statutory and other obligations, client policies, and best practices, where required, reasonably possible, and relevant to our activities and the jurisdictions in which we operate. 


This policy aims to help us provide our clients with the highest standards of service. 

Responding to correspondence 

We will answer all correspondence from the public in a timely and clear manner. 

  • All correspondence is to be answered within five working days via the original form of contact.

  • Additional consultation and ideation calls are optional and free before the start of the project. 


We will provide clear and straightforward information about our services and those related providers to help clients find the guidance needed. 


The Client shall pay the Charges to the Designer in accordance with these Terms and Conditions: 

A 50% deposit will be required to start all projects once the project notes are reviewed and agreed upon between the designer and client(s). General pricing will be stated on the provided notes sheet. There is a minimum one-week turnaround for all projects. The client will also be responsible for the additional charges if they apply to their project: 

  • $10 per variation of the original design (unless deemed included by the designer. e.g. black and white logos) 

  • $50 rush fee for a one-day turnaround

  • $40 rush fee for a two-day turnaround

  • $30 for a three-day turnaround 

  • Shipping and production costs of printed products will be included in the overall design fee and may vary based on the third-party vendors. A general estimate can be provided in consultation/ideation. 

  • Additional charges will apply for digitizing and vector/eps files. This price may vary based on the components of the project. 

  • You will be charged an additional $30 editing fee for each edit after one week of the designer submitting the final files to the client. 

Should the client change the scope of this project, awhographics reserves the right to adjust its billing accordingly with written approval from the client. The following payment forms are accepted: Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, if you are using Cash App or Paypal you will be responsible for a $5 service fee charge included in your overall design fee. The client must state which form of payment is preferable.  

Product Delivery

The client will be required to provide their preferred method of product delivery, if not stated all files will be delivered via email. The designer will also provide font files from the clients’ projects upon request. The client will not be charged based on the number of edits per design before the final files are submitted to the client.  

Please do not hesitate to contact awhographics if there are any further questions or concerns regarding the above information.